Gem Stone King 10K 2-Tone Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring set with Oval 1.80 Ct London Blue Topaz (Available 5,6,7,8,9)

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Topaz Jewelry: There are numerous origins to the name ‘topaz’ but the most prominent stems from a Middle English word that itself has roots in Old French and the Greek word ‘topazus’. The ancient Greeks used to believe that the wearing of a topaz stone would increase his or her strength. Like citrine, topaz is often used as a birthstone for November. Topaz can be used for any type of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings. Healing Properties of Topaz: Topaz was believed to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death during the Middle Age. When worn as a necklace, Topaz was once believed to drive away sadness and strengthen intellect. Sources of Topaz: Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar, China, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and the USA Interesting Facts: Topaz is a relatively hard stone, making it a great choice for jewelry you will be wearing every day. It rates 8 on the Mohs hardness scale and is pretty resistant to scratching. Also, it is associated with loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness, making it an ideal gift for a wedding or anniversary. Why Gem Stone King: Since 1903 Gem Stone King has specialized in Diamond and Other fine gemstone jewelry. Each Gem Stone King piece is a work of art, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality fine jewelry at the greatest value. Gem Stone King has a wide range of fine jewelry pieces from pendants, engagement rings, earrings, and bracelets all are available in a vast variety of stones and stone colors. What We Offer: Gemstone King jewelry is both timeless and modern, which makes it the perfect choice for all of the significant moments in your life. From proposals to anniversaries to holidays, our pieces are versatile and reliable, which is exactly what women today are looking for in their jewelry. Our collections are filled with one of a kind pieces that sparkle with shine and brilliance with such luxurious qualities, you’ll know a Gemstone King piece when you see it. Design: Gem Stone King pieces are carefully planned and thought out during the production stage. Each piece is uniquely designed to stand out and make great gifts to friends and family. We supply jewelry for all occasions and milestones we carry pieces that are timeless, modern, and contemporary our vast selection of gemstone jewelry and intricate jewelry designs cannot be beat. Jewelry Care: Our pieces are made to last but be sure to take proper care of your jewelry. Avoid wearing your jewelry in water such as the shower, pool, or beach. Keep your jewelry away from perfumes and lotions as this can cause wear and tear. Always clean your jewelry in warm water with soap. Manufacturing Our items are manufactured in the U.S.A. so you know you’re buying quality jewelry. Gem Stone King works directly with factories to produce quality fine jewelry. Quality Control All of our pieces go through intense and rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our jewelry is up to standard and built to last Packaging Our items all come in branded packaging that is carefully selected for your item. All of our items come in the appropriate packaging ensuring they are ready for gifting upon arrival. Read more 2.61 Ct Heart Shape Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Pendant Earrings Set w/ 18′ Chain9.65Ct Oval Blue Topaz 18K Yellow Gold Plated Silver 7′ Bracelet W/ 1′ ExtenderBlue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace 2.91Ctw Cushion Cut w/ 18′ ChainSterling Sky Blue Topaz Women’s Solitaire Ring 8.70cttw Birthstone Emerald CutSterling Silver Blue Topaz Dangle Earring 18cttw Birthstone Pear Shape TeardropNumber of Stones43111512Gem TypeMystic Topaz, Cubic ZirconiaTopaz, Cubic ZirconiaTopaz, Cubic ZirconiaTopazTopazStone Weight2.80.552.74, Sterling SilverYellow Gold Plated Silver925 Sterling Silver925 Sterling Silver925 Sterling SilverStone ColorGreen, WhiteLondon Blue, WhiteLondon Blue, WhiteSky BlueBlue