Jewelili 10kt White Gold 1cttw Round Natural White Diamond Engagement Ring

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JEWELILI IS A DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER FINE JEWELRY BRAND BASED IN NEW YORK CITY.ALL OUR JEWELRY IS DESIGNED AND MADE IN-HOUSE. NO SWEATSHOPS. NO MIDDLE MEN. SO YOU CAN SHOP WITH PEACE OF MIND.MORE THAN HALF OF OUR DESIGNS ARE LIMITED RUN, SO ITS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE HERE AT JEWELILI. YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON GREAT BUYS WHEN YOU FIND THEM.WE OFFER ONLY HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. JEWELILI IS A DIRECT TO CONSUMER FINE JEWELRY BRAND, BASED IN NEW YORK CITY We made our motto ‘Jewelry for Everyone,’ because we believe fine jewelry brings happiness into your life, whether you’re giving, receiving, or buying for yourself. And we want everyone to share the joy. It’s about valuing something precious. Celebrating our lives as they unfold. Big or small moments. Beautiful jewelry captures that for us, timelessly. We’re not saying its magic, but it feels like that sometimes. At Jewelili our mission is not only to make fine jewelry affordable to own and purchase yourself, but we offer thousands of different looks to suit pretty much anyone’s style, with new selections rotating in weekly. You can always find something you need at Jewelili. Read more FIRST COME FIRST SERVE JEWELRY At Jewelili over three quarters of our jewelry items are short running, limited-edition collections with anywhere from a few individual pieces to a few dozen at a time. This is one brand where waiting for a sale on the style you love just isn’t worth the risk. Not only are our prices already outstanding compared to the competition, but there’s no knowing if we’ll get any design back in stock once we sell out. For those hardcore bargain shoppers, we have you covered. Check out our Weekly Wonders for an updated selection of outstanding specials updated… surprise, weekly. Read more ALL JEWELILI JEWELRY HAS BEEN DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED BY US IN-HOUSE, NO SUBCONTRACTORS, SWEATSHOPS, OR MIDDLEMEN Why? We want you to feel good about your investment. We aim to take care of you, and we take care of the people that take care of us. On top of that, our staff of designers, jewelers, and merchandisers are experts in their field. Many have over twenty years of experience in their unique skill set. At Jewelili we are committed to designing jewelry that gives you great value for your money. It is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to wear. If there are stones, they are chosen for their brilliance and quality, so they’ll stay sparkly for years to come. Read more BEAUTY MAYBE IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER, BUT QUALITY IS IN THE DETAIL Here’s what to look for: Stones that lay smoothly and flat in their settings and won’t scratch or snag clothing.Metal that has smooth, consistent polishing, even in the crevices.Stones are a huge variable and cost factor which can add thousands to a piece of jewelry’s value. Our focus: We select natural stones for their brilliant colors, quality faceting, and clarity.Our CZ pieces are made only with Swarovski crystals. Read more